Pray for Rain announce

Earth Art Sculpture and Ceremony by Ali Beletic
Saturday, November 24th
5:00 – 6:30

Like the Kula Ring in the Massim Archipelago, and many other gift exchanges of primitive cultures, Pray for Rain aims to gift exchange with the earth – a return of these life giving waters for evaporation back into the cycle of water. The Monsoon storms stirring in Arizona deserts this year were strong and spectacular. The sculptural wooden and glass pools are being installed into this beautiful landscape in November.

We are happy to invite you out to Picture Rocks Saturday 24th to spend some time with friends in the beautiful desert, and see Ali’s new earth art sculpture and Ceremony Pray for Rain.

The event is being hosted on a very beautiful piece of private land in Picture Rocks, lovingly offered for the event by Micah and Montez Almond.