Pray for Rain
Mahogany, Glass, Rainwater
242 x 57 x 12

Pray for Rain was inspired by the Kula Ring in the Massim Archipelago and many other gift exchanges of primitive cultures and aims to gift exchange with the earth - a return of these life giving waters for evaporation back into the cycle of water at the end of monsoon season in Arizona.    

Installing the pools into a remote hike in location in the Sonoran Desert was arduous and mythic.  Hand building the sculptures over the course of several weeks, hand carrying them into the desert, sourcing water and hauling in rain to be returned to the earth.    

Invitees were given a map, to drive to the remote location and then hike in a mile to come to the art opening.  The ceremonial aspect of the work began at dusk, unbeknownst to the attendees.  This performance was inspired by a conversation I had while recording with the Drum group AFI in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2009.  Kweku, the bandleader, and I talked about how their ancestors would use drums to communicate distances.  I was excited to recreate this experience for those present.  The mountain at the location talked back during the performance.  The echo was at least a whole second delay.  By the end of the performance it was last light and the full moon just rising.  The drummers throughout the landscape created an intimidating and cacophonous drum experience.  The ceremony continued using lights and the familiar fragrance of the creosote desert plant released by rain.