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"..It was there, in one of North America's hottest places, that Beletic communed with the wild, mystical beast of rock 'n' roll, communing with its spirits and, amidst a trail of bleached skeletons, found stories that needed telling...."



Hello All!! Vinyl for Legends is available again!!  If you want to stock your collection with Legends Tunes.  Click below!!  Thanks for all the amazing enthusiasm and support out there!!

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New Flag Works available at over at Tappan.  

Beletic's Flags are part of her exploration into the relationship between mythology, the visual art movement, and current social paradigms. Initially inspired by Hunter S. Thompsons’ words, "Living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of 'the rat race' is not yet final," the artist was captivated by stories of vanguards who lived simply, with a true hedonic spirit. It is Beletic’s intention to directly participate in this philosophy and way of life, intently promoting a free rider culture, which celebrates new experiences beyond our existing boundaries.

“I was inspired in part by an ex-San Francisco surfer who paddled around Kauai on a 9.0 surfboard, sleeping in a beach cave, and fishing for his own food – and other like surfers out there living for the love of life.”

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Very excited to add a new art object for my series MODERN OBJECTS FOR PRIMITIVE LIVING.   DESERT CAMOUFLAGE  (Brass, Ocher, Clay and Wood Ash).  To read more about the project click here.

The Circle Motif

I just finished a new series of mineral paintings exploring the symbolism of the circle motif.

The circle is one of the symbols that dates back to the pre-history of human culture.  As a geometric form it occurs in the earliest paintings on cave walls.  It has a widespread and universal interpretive phenomenology; often metaphor for emergence, life, egalitarian cosmologies, the cyclical timescale of nature, infinity and seasons.  The symbolism of sitting in a circle, has extensive radiation among primitive and modern societies alike.  

Available at the LA Gallery Tappan Collective.




Thank you Secretly Important for including Legends of These Lands Left to Live on your top 10 list of 2016.  Completely floored and excited!! Couldn't be more honored!!

"..believe me I talked about it to an unhealthy degree, this is one of those albums that gave me everything I wanted in an album beautifully." - Brian Schneider

Read the full review and check out the other 9 albums here.

The Revue Favorite Gems of 2016

Thanks to the Revue for the awesome writeup and including my album in your favorite gems of 2016!!  Check out the full article HERE.

Ali Beletic is an artist who plays by her own rules. Forget elaborate studios and succumbing to the forces of the industry, Beletic – to use an old cliché – marches to the beat of her own drum. She is essentially a modern-day version of James Dean or a younger Patti Smith, and her debut, Legends of These Lands Left To Live, personified her “rebellious nature”.

Brimming with edgy and moody indie and garage rock, the record was raw, gritty, and at times visceral. It represented Beletic’s life-changing journey from the concrete jungle of New York City to the quiet, hard life of the Sonoran Desert. But the album was more than just a personal diary. It also was one that challenged our conception of the relationship between the natural and material worlds. Legends, as such, introduced us to one of the biggest surprises of the year and to a singer-songwriter to watch for years to come. But unlike Dean, Beletic isn’t a rebel without a cause. Quite the opposite, she is one that influence a whole new generation of rebellious singer-songwriters. ~~ Ben

New York Mag's The Cut

Super stoked feature interview on The Cut / New York Magazine and new collaboration with Coachtalking what it means to be authentically American. Click the link below to read the full article, talking leaving New York, personal rebellion, land art and nomadic regionalism. Read on for insights of what it’s like following in the footsteps of the archetypical American artist-nomad, and how she’s pioneering her own way.

Rebel with a Cause :)

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THANK YOU!!!! WOW!! Couldn't be more honored and stoked!!!

"Ali Beletic is a rebel with a cause, a modern-day version of James Dean who is no longer willing to play by the regular rules of engagement. Instead, she was going to do things her own way.... A rebel who just might become a living legend alongside Patti Smith, P.J. Harvey, and Dan Auerbach."  - THE REVUE

Read the full review here...

NEW WORKS celebrated over at Tappan, Culver City


NEW WORKS AVAILABLE OVER AT TAPPAN, as part of the recent group show.  Pictured here are the debut of a new direction for my Brass and Ceramic Firebowls.  A Collaboration with the art wise ceramist Romy Northover.  For those of you who can't make it down, they are available for purchase at Tappan Online.

T A P P A N  
8840 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

Artists:  Rosemarie Auberson, Ali Beletic, Molly Berman, Eric Choken, Daniel Fletcher, Martinet & Texerau, Romy Northover, Claire Oswalt, Anna Veldez

Secretly Important calls Legends one of the best...

WOW! What a review!! Thank you so much to Brian Snider of Secretly Important for the super thoughtful review.  What an honor!!  He dug in and told the story of the record, as well as the story of Lightning! Thanks so much!!

"Holy shit, I knew long before I heard this track that Legends… was going to be one of this years best, but that song [Dead Serious] sealed its fate as one of the best albums I’ve ever reviewed."  - Brian Snider, Secretly Important