Primitive Lighting
2014 - 2018
Abalone, Clay, Soapstone, Pine and Eucalyptus Bark, Brass, Flame

The Primitive Lighting series are simple beautiful objects the create ceremonial and experiential ways for collectors to interact with the element of fire.  They are part of both my broader sculptural projects Reflections on Artifacts and Modern Objects for Primitive Living,  as an artistic take on experimental archeology as well a more modern expression of bringing these ancestral inspirations into our modern every day venture.  


Brass and Ceramic Fire Bowls
Brass, Clay
86" x 33" +  "72 x 33"

Shown as part of Tappan's show Dressed up Normal group showThe Brass and Ceramic Firebowls are elegant sculptural  objects built to hold small celebratory and ceremonial fires.  The architecture is built as portable and breaks down into 8 pieces, so the fire can be shared in any environment.  

The Brass and Ceramic Fire Bowls are available for purchase via Tappan gallery in LA.