Renegade Journalism

Sometimes, you're on foreign ground.  The citizen of the world is caught by surprise.   In a new place, where the new rules and dimensions are entirely different.

 Taking journalism into your own hands, and on your own terms is a very interesting sentiment.  You'll find yourself taking outward looking photos from the inside.   You are the imposter and you behave by the rules of the imposter. 

I am so completely intrigued by the varying perspectives that humanity takes that I often will smuggle myself into new situations/cultures  as if I am part.    I will be posting some of those stories in this feed.  

Punk in the new era.

Punk in the New Age means something completely different than it used to.  Punk spirit expresses itself from an energy, a sort of visceral expression, lifted from the edge of our skin.  Nowdays punk doesn't mean punk anymore.  Musicians and artists are giving their talents and energy away for free in trade for a pair of shoes.  Empowerment is something internal and deep.  I created Lightning to deal with this new world view and it has really worked in terms of discussing those issues.  From self empowerment springs energy.

Desk June 1

ali beletic

Working on the glass Ping Pong table all week, finishing final layout for Lightning's new magazine and album art.  We have some amazing interviews in the magazine this issue.  Discussing the future of shred and rock n roll through the eyes of shredders.  Especially excited for the Dick Dale and Jeff Ho interviews.  Wily guys with a lot of personality.  We also have an amazing interview with Wayne Kramer of the MC5, and a very intriguing perspective on guitar and it's future through the eyes of guitarist of the Pattie Smith Group, Lenny Kaye.  

This week on the docket, I'll also be shooting for Omnia X Nihilo, and Delta Hand Made Goods- two new designer hand crafted brands - one fashion and one moto.  For more information on those guys - check out my gear page.    Also, I just recieved my copy of my work published in Issue #9 of Paper Sea Australia and excited to be finalizing an interview for their web lifestyle magazine.  

Mojave Nights

Sneaking in some night rides over the course of the last year, while working on installations and some new recordings out in the Mojave.  Have found some vast quiet backcountry while cruising on our Vintage Enduro's.     It's not the most sensible to ride vintage out back.  We have definitely broke a chain or had to replace a spark plug and had to do backcountry mends and in some cases, push the bike out.  I really enjoy the sunset rides.  Kind of replaces the sunset surfs, while I've been out in the desert.

I am gearing up for a post on modern, reliable bikes and  I will also be posting some trail maps here.  So come back and keep an eye out for them for those of you that are also riders. 

Full Moon Surf Session

Photo: Pedro Avila Cross

Occasionally, I will head out for a surf session under the full moon.  My favorite surf session is at sunset when the brilliant hues of last light reflect on the water.  At nighttime, there is this very sensual aspect to surfing.  You are out there alone in the quiet and dark ocean.  Sometimes it's like you can't even see the waves.  My friend Pedro grabbed this shot of me catching this wave.  I really love how you can see my board and the moon reflection on the wave and you can't see my silhouette above the wave.  That gives you the scale.  Was a really beautiful night out in California.

Pray For Surf

Pray for Surf  featured at The Surfrider Hotel, Malibu, CA.

Pray for Surf featured at The Surfrider Hotel, Malibu, CA.

Pray for Surf, featured over at the Surfrider Hotel, and featured as decoration ideas over at, SF Girl SF, and as part of the decor of The Surfrider over at Goop, Vogue Paris, and Lonny., is a linen textile as part of my collection of flag artworks, titled Freerider Flags.

If you are interested in open editions of flag works, you can check out the editions currently available over at the gallery Tappan, or contact regarding commissions.

Below is a little more information regarding the series.

Freeriders Flags
Linen Textile
50"' x  35"

Totem to those individuals who exemplify what Hunter S. Thompson was talking about when he spoke of ‘Mould Breaking Heroes; Living proof that the tyranny of the rat race is not yet final'. Inspired in part by an ex-San Francisco surfer who paddled around Kauai on a 9.0 surfboard, sleeps in a beach cave, and fishes his own food – and other like surfers and vanguards out there surfing/living for the love of life and true hedonic spirit.

It is completely my intention to directly participate in this philosophy, intently promote a freerider culture and illuminate that which already celebrates life beyond boundaries and to forge new experiences with that which does and does not yet exist.

Flags featured as part of the collection at Casa Shelter Half, The Rosewood, and The Surfrider Hotel.