Current Projects

From Torch to Neighboring Torch 

Sculpture at a Distance # 2

Pray for Surf

Shelter, Fire, Water

Mineral Pools

Pyrite & Pyrite Series

Lunar Desert

Desert Fireplace, Private Land, Mojave Desert, CA

Rogue Summer: Rumblings in Backcountry


Selected Exhibitions


Illuminated Passage, Joshua Treenial, Mojave Desert, CA

Horizon Parallel (publication/launch) Mocastores, CA

Horizon Parallel (Field), Mojave Desert, CA

Silk Flags, 800 Main, Venice, CA

Radial Symmetries, Double Dutch Press, GA

Mineral Painting Series, Soho House, Los Angeles, CA

Rock Paper Scissors, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, CA


Under the Same Sun (Gallery), Human NYC Gallery, NY

Reflections on Artifacts, High Desert Test Sites, CA

Under The Same Sun (Field), Dry Lake Bed, CA

Sculpture at a Distance #1, Private Land Mojave,  CA

Stone Works, Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency, CA


Pray for Rain, Private Land, AZ

Canoe Fire, Kennedy Lake, AZ                                                                 

Ice Fire Installation, Private Land, AZ

Food Tribute, Private Land, AZ

Desert Table #1, Private Land, AZ

WildFire # 1, Private Land, AZ   

Canyon Oasis, Private Land, AZ


Tule Surfboard, Doheny Beach, CA   

Pray for Rain / Pray for Surf Flags, Private Land, AZ

Freeriders: Essay

Vanguard Party, Hawaii Fire Invitation: Letter 

Freeriders Flag


The Great American Road Trip Invitation:  Letter

Blue Skull


Nsamanfo: Short Film

AFI Record


The Painting Center: Open Art Viewing Program

Hammer Cacophony: Installation

Speakers: Sound installation

Afloat in the Forest: Sculpture Collection

Hunter + Gatherer: Installation


The End of the Uninhabitable World: Photo Essay

This Restless Earth: Collection of Sound Documentation

Pave The Road: Song

Experiment: Short Viral Video 


Beauty Left: Photo Essay (India)

Skins of Age: Triptych Painting

Don’t Be an Enemy Spy: Video

Fly away crow


Like the Spice Gallery: New York, Marisa Sage: Drawings, Group Show

Mollusk: Animated Short Film

The World is Sinuous: Experimental Short Film

23 Windows Film Screening

Galapagos Film Screening

The Night of Milk and Honey

The Dear and Near: Short Film

Collision Machine Film Slam:  New York 

Choral Composition

Life Remains: Photo Essay (Canada)

Call Into Ocean: Renegade Performance

If Your’e Human: Renegade Performance

Caged Doves: Video

Abandoned Cuisinart Factory: Photo Essay

Snipe & Copter: Clothing Line – collection 


The Change Gallery: NYC Fashion Show

From the Reflection Tunnel: Renegade Performance

One Mile Down: Short Film

Embroidery on canvas 

Carved wood sculpture

Fringe Gallery: NYC art show

Free Events Artwork


Cuando: Photo Essay

From the Reflection Pool: Renegade Performance

Ubiquitous and Cavernous: Short Film

Frontera Festival : Austin TX

Santa Fe film festival: Santa Fe NM

Cinefest Sudbury Library: Sudbury, Ontario

The Accolade: Award

Hermosa Shorts Festival: Los Angeles

Adam’s Album: Installation

For All the Heartbroken Kids: Short Film

Korocrash: Short Film and Music

Designs and Drawings for Noggin Network

Ink Drawings

Live Our Stories: Book of Drawings + Writings


NYU BA Film & Physics


New York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Film/TV; Minor Physics, 2003


Lectures/ Talks

The Visceral History of RocknRoll, University of Arizona, 2014