Thrills Co.

Super stoked to be repping the new Australian art/ surf/ punk label Thrills Co.  They just opened their new store.  Super punk / Super charged - check out their amazing arts, moto, surf interviews.



 So Honored to be repping the Motorcycle Jacket Line BOOKER NYC.  Check out their amazing jackets.  Both really tough and amazingly stylish.  Check out their collection at Booker NYC.


Got to work on a campaign for the Amazing Omnia ex Nihilo, the new hipster concept line of Brooklyn designer Ashley Wheat, based on the concept of creating a multitude of styles designed for a modern, single bag, hit the road lifestyle.  Leather Lamb Skin 6 Panel Caps from Omnia Ex Nihilo. Check out Ashley's Red Embossed Lambskin Cap.  Also available in White and Black.  


F I R S T  B A S E.

It's all about the beginning.  Really getting down to the bones.

A girl living and working in Bondi, at a point in life where it felt like she was starting over, had the idea to create something that stripped away all the things in life that she didn't really need and truly take things back to basics.

The idea was to take her love of surf and skate culture and create something that was authentic, simple and ultimately iconic, just like Bondi Beach.



Stoked to be repping FIRST BASE  Thanks for having me as part of your lineup. XX Ali

Super stoked to shoot with Grifter Gloves this week.  These gloves are made in the USA from two different high quality hides. The top is a Distressed Black Bison paired with Ultra Soft Pebbled Deer on the palm. These gloves are short wrist and include a snap strap that can be used to snap the gloves together or to your helmet. The Konduro Grifter glove  Get out there and SHREDDDDD!!!!!  


Delta Hand Goods is a Moto leather goods brand created by Enrique Parrilla.  He's hand making, hand stitching, hand staining  to create timeless quality leather goods.  Practical, durable with both the essence of a past era and a touch of modernism.  Super Stoked to work with Enrique to promote his gorgeous goods!!  Check out his super practical and stylish GH T2 - for your moto gloves, keys or other travel gear.  

Repping Summer Bummer with their awesome X RashGuard.  Just love it!! Get yours over at Summer Bummer CA.

Repping the new PDX tomboy brand Wildfang - the rockers and shapeshifters liberating menswear for women... They also have some rad interviews over on their blog, with other fellow musicians and DJ's.  Check them out.

the Artist Anna Korte of AK Vintage jewelry line and I connected over our use of symbolism in our works.   That being said, we discussed quite a few other collective histories - personal power, dirtbikes in backcountry and new femininity.  I've actually been wearing her original line for many years, so to connect this late in the game is actually pretty fascinating.  Special thanks to Anna for offering me the opportunity to rep her Temple Collection.  Scope out her new line over at AK Online.  


Romy Northover Studio No.

No. is run by Romy Northover, artist and ceramicist. Romy holds a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London and has spent time living and working in Hong Kong, Venice and Berlin before opening her studio at Togei Kyoshitsu in New York in 2012. Traditionally trained in European ceramics, Romy is currently using the Japanese techniques of Kinuneri, Tebineri and Rokuro. Her style is ancient future.

Very Excited to be heading up a collaboration with the beautiful artful ceramacist Romy Northover.  Check out her amazing line of Ceramics and her one of a kind artworks.



I had the fortune to collaborate with Jesus Robles, Architect and Builder of design/build firm D.U.S.T  Their work as architects and fabricators is impeccable, artistic and timeless.  Check out their beautiful architecture, as well as their line of furniture.

Photos: Bill Timmerman