Album Streaming over at Stereogum

Album live over on Stereogum! Thanks for the thoughtful review by Collin Robinson. 

On Legends Of These Lands Lost she shares her nomadic spirit beautifully. Her low, sultry tone commands expansive guitar lines ranging from the rustic twang of Ennio Morricone to the soulful chicken grease chords of Skip James and the crunch of proto-punk. Her lyrics forcefully and gorgeously evoke a connection to lands lost and romanticized through time. Stripped of all the intrigue and introspection her roaming inspires, the album is still just good, versatile straight-up rock-n-roll, from tender ballad to rumbling, distorted anthem. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE.

New Song out on IMPOSE

New song titled Ends of the Earth premiering on Impose today. This one is dedicated to all my artist friends. Couldn't be more honored and excited!! Check it out!!  LISTEN HERE!

Thanks for the thoughtful review:

"The song is sparse and concentrated, with the alternating strum and wail of two guitars, later a subdued piano—even as it builds to a crashing chorus it refuses to scatter, instead garnering a terrifying concentration not too far off from Patti Smith’s growling fury and triumph on Horses. The heartfelt line “We’ve lived so well” sinks deeper with each reiteration and each breath between, and it’s hard not to be swayed. " - Impose / Amelia Pitcherella

Amazing Review in Berlin Art Magazine Ignant

Couldn't be more honored to be featured up on IGNANT next to JR and Christo.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!

"Living and working in the Sonoran desert,  Ali Beletic creates an experience allowing access to ancient emotions and latent instincts through her conceptual art installations. From traditional gallery and field work to adventure-driven parties, Beletic’s intention is to evoke wild instincts within the context of the art world. And so the motives such as primeval rituals, vast natural spaces and liberating journeys carry throughout her work, inviting the viewers – or participants – to recreate the experience of their ancestors."   - IGNANT


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THANKS TO ALL the wonderful supporters who came out to my opening over at TAPPAN in LA.

The exhibition is on view for a month.  Head over to Culver City to check it out!

T A P P A N  
8840 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

Artists:  Rosemarie Auberson, Ali Beletic, Molly Berman, Eric Choken, Daniel Fletcher, Martinet & Texerau, Romy Northover, Claire Oswalt, Anna Veldez


Upcoming Exhibition at Tappan Gallery

Can't even wait!! I have new works debuting over at Tappan Gallery in Culver City on May 26th.  All are invited!!

May 26th - June 24th

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 26th 8-10 PM 

T A P P A N  
8840 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

Artists:  Rosemarie Auberson, Ali Beletic, Molly Berman, Eric Choken, Daniel Fletcher, Martinet & Texerau, Romy Northover, Claire Oswalt, Anna Veldez 

I will be debuting new sculptural works that are part of my Reflections in Artifacts series,  a broad sculptural project initially intended as creating works based on primitive methods, philosophies, technologies and artifacts. There are so many ways of knowing and we are left only remnants.  

The series is intended to be in dialogue with the strong connection that runs through the endeavors of human beings and the many ways of knowing.  These new works in the series mark a development in concept, departing from tradition and form, creating new works based on bringing these ancestral inspirations into the modern age.  



PHOTO: Christine Birkinbine / Treefort Music Festival Head Photographer

PHOTO: Christine Birkinbine / Treefort Music Festival Head Photographer

Was fun rocking out at Treefort Music Festival . Thanks to all who came out to hang during my set.

And when we took over the street!! Photo from Band Dialogue V composed by Seth Olinsky/ Cy Dune. Fun playing with you all: Built to Spill, Sun Blood Stories  TUFT, 安 AANThe Western MysticsSugarCandyMountainInvisible Hand, Animal EyesReligious GirlsAmerican CultureTerrible LightMarshall Scott PooleC.j. BoydBATTLEHOOCHHiHazel, and Unconditional Arms.


THANKS NPR for your amazing review and having me up on your site along other wonderful artists!! Could not be more honored and stoked!!!! Read the full article Here.

"At times, the record recalls Patti Smith's ragged and desperate punk, the Flat Duo Jets' animalistic rockabilly played super slow, or Cat Power's cigarette-chewing soul — yet, even with such high-profile reference points, Beletic holds her own."  - LARS GOTRICH, NPR

"Ali Beletic's Debut is one of the most refreshing rock albums I've heard in a while"   - LARS GOTRICH, NPR


L I G H T N I N G F/W 15

AMAZING review of upcoming Lightning F/W 15 up on Tiny Mix Tapes.  Read the Full Article & Check out Music Streams HERE.  So proud of our whole team!!

There is a growing body of creative channels in America, relief for the young people frustrated by the country’s lack of sexual inertia and impulsive “rock & roll” spirit (not to mention nostalgia for a time when creating music that sounds like a Coke ad wasn’t subversive or even ad-worthy — it just sucked). Lightning Records is one such outlet, a “modern multi-media channel” — a tape label, print magazine, apparel company, “adventurous” event planner, and counterculture journal of bold photography and narrative journalism — launched in 2012 by Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family, Cy Dune) and his group of cool friends who surf and bike and do other rad shit.

TMT has the pleasure of helping Lightning announce its F/W 15 releases, a set of five tapes + print magazine that continues its 20 Artist Series, where the channel asks musical peers to contribute work from a “unique side project or edge creative statement.” This season puts an emphasis on noisy folk songwriters from ‘murica, and the forgotten dynamism of an imperfect guitar. All the artists in this batch are known for their strong creative impulses, certified in Rock & Roll CPR. There’s nihilistic, crusty jams from Pontiak and Algae & Tentacles, pariah-dog porch music from Chris Forsyth and Sam Amidon, and bitter, sugary punk from American Culture, who are either lazy suburban stoners or a Silicon Valley startup. 

The business of curating an aesthetic is a fickle one — today’s discerning listener has a better bullshit detector than Chris Hansen, but Lightning’s collaborators are veterans to raucous, experimental rock, and they know their audience well. They sell a $1000 surfboard alongside a custom (black) fuzz pedal. They’ve even started a mixtape pen-pal project! And if the good vibrations weren’t enough to make your denims warm and wet, this season’s magazine has interviews with Southern Lord Sir Richard Bishop alongside ultra marathoner Dominic Grossman. There are so many folks in on this that I wish they were my friends. I’m reevaluating my entire young adulthood. It’s electrifying stuff. THERE, I said it.

Fundraiser for Palm Springs Art Museum's Artist Council

Honored to be participating in a fundraiser of Palm Springs Art Museum's Artists Council. The images shown are created by celebrities as well as artists around the world on 5 x 7 canvases and signed on the back. The canvases are sold anonymously in an annual event at the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel.  For more information:   Fine Art America.