earth art ceremony

Canoe Fire

Humans feel the liveliness, archaism, and elemental beauty of fire naturally – it really doesn’t take much provocation in an artistic sense.  The eloquent movement of the flames, the fuel turning into ash, its potency and beauty.  The mysterious movement of  light illuminating, reflecting, cast onto, around and prohibited by the sculptural dimension of space and material that surround, creates a reflective and mesmerizing calm that so many of us remember, sense deep reflection of our evolutionary survival.  It has been an honor to create these pieces which have been such a beautiful and ceremonial conversation with my surroundings and the earth that I know and walk upon.

Working with fire as a sculptural medium is very harmonizing and more than just artistic – there is a deep sense of relating to your own humanity and ancestry.

Wild Fire Sculpture #2 was a series of fires I floated onto a lake in Arizona – to create a sculpture which moved and floated in the wind and water.  The ceremony was exquisitely beautiful.