Shelter half

Freeriders Flag Casa Shelter Half in Venice


Totem to those individuals who exemplify what Hunter S. Thompson was talking about when he spoke of ‘Mould Breaking Heroes; Living proof that the tyranny of the rat race is not yet final‘ . Inspired in part by an ex-San Francisco surfer who paddled around Kauai on a 9.0 surfboard, sleeps in a beach cave, and fishes his own food – and other like surfers and vanguards out there surfing/living for the love of life and true hedonic spirit.

It is completely my intention to directly participate in this philosophy, intently promote a freerider culture and illuminate that which already celebrates life beyond boundaries and to forge new experiences with that which does and does not yet exist.

Limited Edition of 5.

Made by Ali Beletic || Sun Era Studio

Available at Shelter Half.

Save Rock n Roll Flags


Just finished up these custom Save Rock n Roll Art Flags for Lightning Records.  Limited run of 5.  Only 2 Left.  You can get one at Lightning’s Store.  Mention you heard about it from me and I will custom make you a wood and brass mount.  Although, the Rock mount looks pretty good too.