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New Flag Works available at over at Tappan.  

Beletic's Flags are part of her exploration into the relationship between mythology, the visual art movement, and current social paradigms. Initially inspired by Hunter S. Thompsons’ words, "Living proof to those who need it that the tyranny of 'the rat race' is not yet final," the artist was captivated by stories of vanguards who lived simply, with a true hedonic spirit. It is Beletic’s intention to directly participate in this philosophy and way of life, intently promoting a free rider culture, which celebrates new experiences beyond our existing boundaries.

“I was inspired in part by an ex-San Francisco surfer who paddled around Kauai on a 9.0 surfboard, sleeping in a beach cave, and fishing for his own food – and other like surfers out there living for the love of life.”

Flag works have been featured in the collections of Casa Shelter Half, Tappan Collective and The Surfrider Hotel.