Living and working [out of Los Angeles], Ali Beletic creates an experience allowing access to ancient emotions and latent instincts through her conceptual art installations. From traditional gallery and field work to adventure-driven parties, Beletic’s intention is to evoke wild instincts within the context of the art world. And so the motives such as primeval rituals, vast natural spaces and liberating journeys carry throughout her work, inviting the viewers – or participants – to recreate the experience of their ancestors."  - Ignant

Ali Beletic is a conceptual artist sculpturally working within historic traditions as a means to create evocative experiences for the modern art community to have access to 360 degree sensual experiences.  Her installations include Earth Art Ceremonies, Vanguard Parties and Environments. 


My work deals with the rich history that humanity has in its past.  I am constantly trying to create a space / experience where the modern art-goer can be reminded of their own sensual nature - most importantly on a visceral level.  Usually I choose materials that I believe are evocative to our physiological makeup.

When I decided to take 2 years and move to the Sonoran desert, I was at a very specific point in my naturalist studies.  Every day there, I would hike into trackless wilderness and sit for an hour observing the wildlife, the changing landscape, the weather patterns, etc. I took on a new experience there. I got to know and love that landscape so deeply.  There was a dove that sat next to me every day, and deer, coyotes, javelina, a fos, snakes, you name it, would wander through daily.  Even a mountain lion lived there that I had the good fortune to see once.  When you look at things deeply there is always so much more.  I learned so much about the land there and formed a strong emotional connection.  I remember having a sensation that I might move away from the home I was living in and not fully be able to return, but that I could always come back and it would be a sort of home, a place I was welcome.  That feeling, in my opinion, is the basis of our humanity.  It is my intention to invoke latent instincts and wild emotions within the context of the art world.  

I have created a contemporary art practice based on these naturalist and anthopological inspirations, in dialogue with traditions and mediums that reside in the art world.  I see myself working in the traditions of several different contemporary artists - the powerful, out of the box, punk spirit of Gordon Matta-Clark, Alan Kaprow and the happening, the sculptural purpose and ancient time scale of Michael Heizer, the conceptual intermingling with the sensual of James Turrell, Cai Guo-Qiang's sense of ritual, and Richard Long's primitivist scale.