Studio Work as a gallery analogue to Ali's work in the field.


Her work often draws on a wide variety of ancient symbols, narratives, traditions, materials, ancestral technology, art, medicine, architecture, ecology and mythology.



Stone Sculptures

Mojave Studio

The primary intention of my sculpture work is to evoke senses on a visceral level.  This intention often leads me to use heavy earthen materials - stone, clay, or wood placed in precarious, yet structural balance.  I often bring a feminine, raw beauty and sense of ancient aesthetics and symbolism to my work as well.

Published in Paper Sea Quarterly.

ali beletic primitive lighting

Primitive Lighting


Primitive lighting vessels, Plant torches, flame chandeliers (flames inside piping), Obelisk lit from inside at night sun at day -- white clay ceramic, from torch to neighboring torch (light a mountain and then walk through), spaces lit by flame - spaces out door that we can walk through,  flame indoors, encapsulated, subtle flame environment, reflection concave and convex, the desert fireplace.  


Fire Bowl

Mojave Studio

A series of small sculptural works to elegantly house fire as an element in a provacative space.


Reflections of Artifacts


A series of small sculptural works, as a study and process to reconnect with our ancestry through the creation of artifacts through process, inspiration, and reflection on ancient artifacts.





Totem to those individuals who exemplify what Hunter S. Thompson was talking about when he spoke of ʻMould Breaking Heroes; Living proof that the tyranny of the rat race is not yet finalʻ . Inspired in part by an ex-San Francisco surfer who paddled around Kauai on a 9.0 surfboard, sleeps in a beach cave, and fishes his own food – and other like surfers and vanguards out there surfing/living for the love of life and true hedonic spirit.

It is completely my intention to directly participate in this philosophy, intently promote a free rider culture and illuminate that which already celebrates life beyond boundaries and to forge new experiences with that which does and does not yet exist.